Our Process: 

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Implementation of a financial plan simply isn't a one-time task.  There must be ongoing review, monitoring, and adjusting in order to stay on the track for success.  Our strategy approaches monitoring and adjusting the plan for three standpoints: 1) with you, through an annual review and periodic communication, 2) by tracking progress toward tasks in the action plan, and 3) by monitoring the components of the PRETIRE program either continuously or periodically as appropriate.  This allows us to track changes to your current situation, execution of the plan steps, and progress of each component of the program.  When changes need to be made, we determine what they are and then implement them just as we implemented the original pieces of the plan.  There is no end to the implement/review process because, as long as you're with PWA, we're always working toward your success.



Process Inputs


You will provide:

  • Changes to your current situation including:

    • Life events (marriages, births, deaths, etc.).

    • Unforeseen income or expenses.

    • Changes in your personal goals and needs.

  • Time to participate in annual and periodic reviews.

We will provide:
  • The overall plan implementation and our methods for monitoring it.



Process Outputs


Outputs from this process are:

  • A constantly reviewed financial plan implementation.

  • Your piece of mind in knowing that PWA is working toward your success, your security, always.

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