Our Process: 

 Summary   Relationship   Data Gathering   Analysis   Plan Generation   Implementation   Review                


After we have gathered the necessary information from you, we will begin to analyze and evaluate you current financial situation in light of the goals and needs you have communicated to us.  Ultimately, the completed plan is a roadmap from the present situation to the achievement of those goals and fulfillment of those needs you specify.  We will analyze your information and rationalize the goals you have set forth.  We may have questions to ask you to clarify certain points in your profile, and we may need to challenge some of your goals based on feasibility.  In either case, we will contact you for additional information.  Once we have reviewed your profile, we will summarize it in our own format and allow you to review it prior to starting your plan.  This allows us to verify that we have all the inputs correct prior to spending the time to generate your plan.  When you've verified that everything is correct, we'll begin developing and presenting your financial plan.



Process Inputs


You will provide:

  • The completed Data and Risk Questionnaire from the Data Gathering step.

  • The documents listed in the Checklist from the previous step.

We will provide:
  • Our proprietary methods for analyzing and summarizing your profile of information.



Process Outputs


Outputs from this process are:

  • A validated summary of your profile of information which will be used in your financial plan generation.

  • Assurance that you/we are on the same page with respect to your situation and goals.

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