Our Process: 

 Summary   Relationship   Data Gathering   Analysis   Plan Generation   Implementation   Review                


As we analyze the information you have provided to us, we do so with the outputs of the financial plan in mind.  Those are 1) a summary of your current financial position, 2) a SWOT analysis, 3) a target asset allocation for your investments, and 4) an action plan containing tasks/steps that will implement the rest of the PRETIRE program.  Once we have created these outputs, we will deliver the plan and schedule a review meeting with you.  At the review meeting, we'll explain the plan and address any questions you may have.  If there is a need to make any adjustments based on your input, we will make those adjustments and send the revised document to you for your review.  Once you approve the document, you'll need to decide whether you want to use PWA to implement your plan.  While we firmly believe that a plan alone won't be fulfilled without skilled, dedicated help from a professional, we understand that some clients have the time, knowledge, and inclination to do it themselves.  Typically, the client will utilize the PWA offerings (Asset Management, Ongoing Decision Support & Review, and Tax Preparation) to implement their plan.  Assuming this is the case, we will develop an Asset Management & Decision Support Agreement that spells out exactly what we'll be doing for you in implementing the plan, and how much it will cost.  As soon as the agreement is signed, we'll proceed to the next step, implementation.




Process Inputs


You will provide:

  • The validated summary of your profile of information from the analysis step.

We will provide:
  • Our proprietary method for analyzing a profile of personal data and generating a financial plan.



Process Outputs


Outputs from this process are:

  • Your approved financial plan including:

    • A statement of your current financial position.

    • A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis.

    • A target asset allocation for your investments.

    • An action plan containing tasks/steps that will implement the rest of the PRETIRE program.

  • A signed Asset Management and Decision Support agreement if PWA is helping you implement your plan.

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