Our Process: 

 Summary   Relationship   Data Gathering   Analysis   Plan Generation   Implementation   Review                


Once we have a Financial Planning Agreement in place with you, we will start our data gathering process.  We will send you a Data and Risk Questionnaire for you to complete at your convenience.  The questionnaire is divided into two sections. The first section will ask about your background, family, assets & liabilities, income, legal documents, tax returns, and financial goals.  The second section will ask you a series of questions intended to gauge your tolerance toward risk.  Once you complete the questionnaire, you'll send it back to us and we can begin preparing for your pre-planning meeting.  We will also send you a checklist of additional documents that we will need from you (tax returns, powers of attorney, etc.).  You'll be asked to bring copies of the documents to the meeting or to send us scanned versions of the documents.  When all the information is gathered, you'll schedule the pre-planning meeting with us to go over the data and make sure we have an accurate picture of your situation and goals.  After the meeting, be able to analyze and evaluate your financial status  



Process Inputs


You will provide:

  • No inputs into this process (but you will have a large role in completing the process outputs).

We will provide:
  • A blank Data and Risk Questionnaire.
  • The Checklist of necessary documents.



Process Outputs


Outputs from this process are:

  • A completed Data and Risk Questionnaire which contains:

    • Your needs and goals

    • Contact information

    • Family information

    • Citizenship information

    • Assets & Liabilities (including legal title)

    • Current year estimates for income and expenses

    • Insurance coverage

    • Investments and Retirement Plans

  • All pertinent documents listed in the Checklist we send to you.

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