Our Process: 

 Summary   Relationship   Data Gathering   Analysis   Plan Generation   Implementation   Review                

This portion of the website will take you through our advising process.  Essentially, it will demonstrate what will happen, step by step through the PWA program.  We've gone to this level of detail to make sure you understand how our advising process works and what you should expect from the very beginning.  While individual situations may lead to some process customization, the steps, inputs, and outputs will give you a clear idea of how we operate and the level of detail we put into working for you.  We use a "no surprises" strategy when dealing with client management.  Whether its the process of getting started, the performance of your portfolio, or how much we're charging, we make sure you're always in the know.


Click on any of the process steps below to drill down into the details behind each process.  The details will tell you the process input and outputs as well as describing how that process step functions.



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