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Implementing your financial plan is the core of PWA's service.  While generating the plan is necessary in order to know what you're trying to implement, all too often, people are just too busy or don't possess enough knowledge to accurately implement the plan.  We implement it by segmenting the tasks in the action plan into the components of the PRETIRE program and then individually implementing each component.  More information on each component is available from the What We Offer page, or simply by clicking the component's implementation process step below (for example, click the Implement Investments Task box to jump to the Investments component page).  Once each component is implemented, it will remain under the regular and continuous review that is appropriate for that component.




Process Inputs


You will provide:

  • Your approved financial plan from the plan generation step.

  • Your time to perform tasks detailed in the action plan that are assigned to you.

We will provide:
  • Our knowledge in implementing the PRETIRE program.
  • Our methods for investing assets according to an asset allocation.
  • Our time to perform tasks detailed in the action plan that are assigned to us.


Process Outputs


Outputs from this process are:

  • Ongoing updates to your financial plan as required, and implemented strategies to fulfill your goals.

  • Adequate insurance coverage and reduced risk for your overall financial portfolio.

  • Optimally utilized employee benefits including a properly allocated investment portfolio (if applicable).

  • Implemented strategies for reducing / avoiding taxes where possible and prepared taxes that properly reflect your finances.

  • Assets that are invested according to your target allocation (seeking returns needed for your goals without excessive risk) in investments that are high quality and suitable for you.

  • A retirement plan that can be tracked for progress annually including planned contributions to retirement and other accounts.

  • Properly titled assets and legal documents that execute your estate plan effectively and efficiently.

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