How We're Different: 

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Most advisors do not prepare their client's taxes.  At best, they produce a report of capital or ordinary gains and losses and give them to their clients for use in an external tax preparation effort.  The reason is usually that tax preparation is tedious, time consuming, and doesn't pay the advisor as well as planning or asset management services.  They're better off financially if they exclude tax preparation from their list of services and use the time to find more clients.


PWA, on the other hand, realizes that as tedious as tax preparation can be for advisors, it's even worse for clients.  Rather than exclude tax preparation from our services, we integrate tax preparation and discount the service for our advising clients.  We will prepare your 1040 Federal and State tax returns annually and/or work with your tax professional to assist with more complex tax preparation.


In short, where others turn away from hard work that will benefit you, PWA makes a point of taking it on.



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