How We're Different: 

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The industry standard rate for asset management is about 1% of assets under management per year.  Because of this fee structure, and because many advisors focus only on asset management, it's difficult for them to help clients without significant assets.  A client with only $10,000 in assets translates to $100 per year, hardly worth the time required to get to know the client and perform the necessary tasks. 


PWA has a more forward-looking approach to client acceptance.  Rather than requiring a minimum asset level, we realize that serving clients who haven't had the chance to build a significant asset base, allows us to build a trust-based relationship with those clients, since they know we're clearly not doing it for the instant return in fees.  We hope that trust-based relationship will lead to longer-lasting client relationships, and we're confident in our ability to help our clients build an asset base over time.  Essentially, we're investing in our clients today to build a relationship and earn our return tomorrow.







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