How We're Different: 

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PWA wasn't founded to be yet another classic financial advising company.  Rich clients only, potentially biased commission-based selling of products, suits and ties to appear professional and knowledgeable, fancy reports to hide fees or at least make them look pretty...  those are all part of the history on which financial advising was built.  While many of the principles of advising services (investing, risk management, planning, etc.) are of course still valid, the business of delivering those services has to change.  PWA has set out to build a next generation financial consulting firm by rejecting those industry practices that frankly don't deliver value to our clients.  The table below explains what PWA is, and what we are not.  Click each row for a more detailed explanation, or just follow the menu bar at the top of this page.




The table below compares the characteristics of PWA's services with those of other types of financial advisors.  While there are definitely exceptions, PWA is in a small class of advisors offering similar services.


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