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What Is It?


PWA provides an ongoing decision support and review service that entails phone, email, and in-person support throughout the year for decisions that you needs to make. We believe that generating a plan and managing investment assets are not sufficient to make the plan a success.  There are far too many unexpected turns in the road of life to make planning a one-time occurrence.  These decisions could include:

Additionally, this service includes an annual checkup which reviews progress on the action plan and adjustments for the next year.  In terms of the PRETIRE program, ongoing decision support and review includes:

Who Is It Suited For and Who Is Involved?


Ongoing decision support and reviews are intended for all PWA clients and will typically involve you and your advisor touching base as required.  Conference calls or meetings including your other support staff (legal professionals, CPAs, etc.) are also possible.


Where Does It Take It Place?


Decision support is primarily accomplished via email or phone.  You can also feel free to make an appointment for an in-person visit. 


When Does It Happen?


Decision support occurs as needed throughout the year.  You contact your advisor when the need arises.  Reviews are typically scheduled annually toward the end of the calendar year.  PWA will contact you when it is time for a review to set up a convenient time and notify you of any steps you need to take prior to the meeting.


Why Is It Included In The Process?


Most people hire a financial advisor because the realize that they don't have the time, knowledge, or desire required to efficiently manage their finances on their own.  While generation and implementation of a plan will put you on the right track, without decision support and review services, you'll find yourself needing to manage your finances anyway, which defeats the purpose of having an advisor.  This service is PWA's way of ensuring that you always have someone to turn to when something comes up.


How Much Does It Cost?


Ongoing Decision Support and Review will be free of charge for all clients with assets under management with PWA of over $100,000 since the cost of asset management is great enough to cover the internal cost of PWA's decision support and review.  For other clients, this service will be provided for a quarterly fee of $99 per client.  Special projects will be billed at the standard planning rate of $50 / hour.


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