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What Is It?


Everyone knows what taxes are, but most people don't understand the tax system beyond the basic rate structure.  The Tax component to the PRETIRE system incorporates tax reduction and tax deferral strategies into the other components of the plan, as well as preparing (or helping to prepare) your annual tax filings.


Why Is It Included In The Program?


The U.S. tax code is incredibly complex and becomes more complicated with every update.  While lobbyists continue to push Congress for a simplified "flat tax" or at least a revised tax code, it is unlikely that a major improvement will be implemented any time soon.  Since most people don't understand the tax code, planning and executing a financial plan efficiently is a difficult task.  Accurately preparing annual tax filings can be even more difficult, especially if you're using a tax preparer who doesn't have insight into youf finances for more than a few hours each year.


How Do We Do It?


While we are not CPAs and there are situations where you'll want to rely on a CPA for tax advice, we are able to help you plan and execute your plan in a tax-efficient manner.  Among the myriad of tax savings or tax deferral strategies we might employ are:

We are also qualified to prepare 1040 and state tax returns and will do so for all of our clients.  If your tax return is more complicated than a 1040 return permits, we will work with your tax preparer as much as required to minimize your need to be involved in the process.  Either way, our tax program aims to make your finances tax efficient without utilizing a massive amount of your time to do so.

Do You Really Need Help With It?


Almost everyone needs some sort of assistance with tax planning and preparation.  While you can easily get by without it, it's likely that you'll be giving our government more than its fair share of your income and/or estate.  Paying unnecessary tax puts an unnecessary strain on your financial plan by imposing additional constraints.  Tax planning and preparation is an area that can usually generate an almost immediate financial return on the amount invested.  Since PWA is preparing your 1040 return for a minimal filing fee, you'll get even more of a return by letting us help you.


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